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When discussing safety at home or in your businesses, it is essential to consider decorating with fabrics certified by the NFPA 701 standard. The fabrics certified by this norm comply with standards that ensure they are flame retardant and do not propagate flames. It could be due to the fact that the fibers of the fabric are intrinsically flame retardant, or the textile undergoes a special treatment to be FR (fire retardant), preventing accidents from occurring at home or in commercial buildings.

What is the NFPA 701 standard?

National Fire Protection Association Logo

The NFPA 701 standard is a certification granted by the National Fire Protection Association, known by its acronym in English NFPA, based in the United States. This norm establishes methods to assess the level of flame propagation in textiles. The fabrics that have this certification do not spread fire, either because they have a flame-retardant treatment or because their threads are intrinsically flame-retardant.

The Testing Method
Example of how tests are performed

The tests for the NFPA 701 certification are carried out inside a chamber specially designed to be subjected to high temperatures. First, a fabric sample is hung inside the test chamber using a clamp bar and exposed to a flame. Subsequently, they measured the persistent flame in the test fabric, the burning time, the already incinerated material falling to the bottom of the chamber, and the weight loss. For the fabric to pass the test, the weight loss and the burn time must stay within established ranges.

What is an FR fabric?

Some samples of Vertilux FR fabrics

The Vertilux fabrics with the acronym FR as part of their names have flame-retardant properties. The fabrics with this acronym indicate that they have been subjected to the corresponding tests and are certified as materials that do not spread the fire. We can find two types of FR fabrics: those that are applied a special flame retardant treatment and fabrics made from intrinsically flame retardant threads.

Why FR fabrics?

Home - Commercial Building

During the first quarter of 2022, the Red Cross attended more than 20,000 cases of fires in homes in the United States, and around 50,000 forest fires were reported up to September of last year.*

This data gives us an idea of ​​the latent danger of fire and the difference FR textiles can make in our homes and businesses.

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FR Fabrics at home
Mother and daughter at home

When decorating or redecorating your home, choosing FR fabrics can make a big difference in the safety of your loved ones. FR fabrics can be found in all kinds of items for your home, from curtains and furniture upholstery to linens, to children's and adult clothing. In this way, you prevent possible situations with fire, from ending in fatal accidents.

Opting for fire retardant (FR) fabrics for your shades are an excellent way to avoid accidents in the kitchen and bedrooms; they can even make a difference when a fire occurs at home by not spreading the flames; they provide extra minutes to be able to evacuate while the fire department arrives.

FR Fabrics in commercial buildings and institutions

It goes without saying how essential it is for people's safety to have fire-retardant fabrics in commercial establishments and institutions. Even in many countries, it is mandatory for some establishments and institutions, like hospitals, or schools, to have shades and furniture with FR fabrics, ensuring the little spread of flames in the event of a fire, allowing people to evacuate, and the corresponding entities to control the incident.

Our Commitment to your safety

At Vertilux, safety is an essential part of our philosophy; we have a wide variety of NFPA 701-certified fabrics, reinforcing our commitment to safer spaces for everyone.

Vertilux FR Fabric


Opting for FR (flame-retardant) fabrics is essential for safety. Having FR fabrics in your home, commercial buildings, and institutions can make a difference so that a fire incident does not become fatal.

When purchasing your shades, pay more attention to the labels and choose those identified with the NFPA 701 certification or the acronym FR (fire retardant).

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