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Sheer drapes are beautiful, delicate, and sophisticated, but many of us wonder where we can install them before buying them. In this article, we share with you some ideas about spaces in your home where you can use sheer drapes and get the most out of them. They are ideal for decorating different rooms, and they also turn out to be highly functional shades for those who seek to save on electricity and, in return, enjoy natural lighting.

What are Sheer Fabrics?

Woman opening sheer drapes

Sheer fabrics are light and transparent, resulting in drapes that let the most significant amount of natural light into your spaces. They are ideal for those looking to achieve warm and welcoming rooms, given the little use of artificial lighting that is needed.

Why Sheer Drapes?

Different spaces with sheer drapes

Sheer drapes are always a good choice for those looking to give more natural lighting to spaces in their home, which saves on using electric light since you can use it fewer hours a day. Sheer drapes are also excellent allies for those who like to read, decorate with plants or carry out relaxing and mindfulness activities since all of these benefit from natural light.

At Vertilux, we have a wide variety of sheer fabrics for draperies in many timeless colors and textures so that you can achieve that dream space at home and enjoy all the benefits that sheer drapes offer.

Where can I use sheer drapes at home?

Sheer drapes can be installed in different spaces in your home to get the most out of their benefits, and here we share some of them with you:

Living Room
living room with sheer drapes

The living room is a great space in your home to install sheer shades. Usually, many of us enjoy decorating our living room with natural touches such as plants and flowers, which benefit from the passage of natural light provided by a translucent curtain.

Dining Room
Dining room with sheer drapes

The dining room area is another good place to install sheer drapes, as they are often near balconies or large windows. With the translucent curtains, you can enjoy the passage of natural light while enjoying a family meal.

Room with sheer drapes and blackout drapes on the same window

Draperies are very popular in bedrooms, but to enjoy a sheer drape in your room, we recommend installing it in a double configuration: a sheer fabric with a blackout fabric on the same window. This configuration guarantees an optimal level of darkness and privacy during sleeping hours.

Home Library or Reading Corner
Girl reading at home

If you like to read, you have a space dedicated to doing so in your home; it may be a home library or a special corner dedicated to reading. Natural light is ideal for reading. You can install sheer drapes in your reading space to control glare from sunlight while allowing natural light to illuminate the room.

Meditation Room
Man meditating at home

If you have made meditation a habit, you know that natural light is essential to this practice. Adding sheer drapes to your meditation room allows natural light to fill the space, achieving a more reconnecting experience.


If you are looking to enjoy all the benefits of natural lighting in your home without sacrificing your decorating style, sheer drapes are an excellent option. By installing sheer drapes in different areas of your home, you can create cozy and functional spaces for reading, meditating, taking care of your indoor plants, and saving on electricity. What are you waiting for to enjoy all its benefits? Dare to make translucent curtains part of your decoration!

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