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Modern and Innovative Dunes Shades

Let yourself be captivated by the new Vertilux Dunes Shades. An innovative and modern option to add a sophisticated touch to your spaces.

Dunes Shades are the new option that we present to you at Vertilux to decorate your spaces. A modern and innovative shade that sure will be the perfect complement to your home decor, adding a sophisticated touch, without sacrificing the versatility and functionality you need.

What are the Dunes Shades?

Vertilux Dunes Shades

Dunes Shades are an innovative option for window coverings, combining the functionality of a vertical shade with the sophisticated, modern look of a traditional shade. This makes Dunes Shades an easy-to-adapt option for different spaces and decoration styles.

Close up of Dunes Shades Fabric

These shades consist of individual vertical fabric louvers with solid and sheer stripes that allow you to control light and privacy in your spaces. You can activate the sheer part of the fabric to manage natural light that enters your spaces during the day and the solid part of the fabric to adjust the levels of privacy you want at night, making it a highly functional shade.

How to make them part of your decoration?

Living room with Dunes Shades

It's very easy to make Dunes Shades part of your home decor, thanks to their versatility and modern look. They combine perfectly with different types of decoration due to their modern and elegant style, which allows you to play with your spaces to give them a more personal touch. In addition to its functionality, you can explore different areas and windows to install them.

Where to Place them
Dunes Shades in sliding door

Dunes Shades are ideal for spaces with large windows or sliding doors since they are made of individual fabric louvers, so you can walk through them even when closed without the need to open them completely. This allows you to move in different spaces of your home easily without having to constantly draw the curtains, this a practical and innovative solution for those who have backyards, terraces, and balconies since in this way you can access the outside without sacrificing the aesthetics of the interior of your home.

Decorating Tips
minimalist space / monochromatic space

Give your spaces a modern and sophisticated look with Dunes Shades. Due to their versatility, they can complement the decoration style you already have in your home or you can completely renovate your space and match them with the new decoration style you want. They look beautiful in minimalist or monochromatic spaces and also in more daring spaces with colorful decorations and plants. Let your space reflect your personal style!

Operation Modes

Easy to use! Dunes Shades are very simple to use and have different types of operation that we detail below:

Manual Operation
Person operating Dunes Shades manually

Dunes Shades have two manual operating options to choose from, either by chain or wand. They are very simple to use, you can manually operate the chain or wand to close and maintain privacy using the solid part of the fabric, or open it to see through the sheer part of the fabric. You can also open them completely as a classic vertical blind.

Motorized Operation
Dunes Shades Operated by remote control

Dunes Shades can also be motorized, to turn your environments into more comfortable and safe spaces. You can operate the shades by remote control or complement them with our VTi® Smart Hub system and download the VTi Home Mate app to your cell phone to automate your shades and fully enjoy the functions of a smart home. You can also operate the motorized shades by voice commands to your favorite virtual assistant: Siri, Alexa, or Google Home.


Girls playing in room
Source: Pexels

At Vertilux, safety is an important part of our philosophy, which is why we support you in creating safer spaces. For the safety of children and pets, we recommend that when purchasing your Dunes Shades you choose manual operation by a wand, to avoid possible fatal accidents with loose chains. Another excellent option is to choose motorization, in this way you eliminate all kinds of hanging cords and chains, you can also automate them and program opening hours and modes, making your spaces safer for everyone.

Exclusive Fabrics

We have available an exclusive fabric collection: Dunes Aurora, in 5 beautiful colors to complement any décor style.

In conclusion

Versatile, innovative, and modern. Dunes Shades are the ideal option if you are looking for all the advantages offered by a vertical shade, with the elegance of a traditional drapery. They are your perfect allies to complement or remodel your spaces.

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