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One of the more exciting objectives we have in #Vertilux is to work in the care of our planet . Contribute as part of the solution, make a way for a cleaner path, ecological and sustainable, that leads us to achieve peace with nature.

An Ecological Culture Since 1982

Our ecological practices have been part of our philosophy and our history. Since our foundation and until today we have implemented numerous programs to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact as much as possible.

Always betting on solutions that contribute to the environment, since 2018 the use of plastic bottles has been completely eliminated at the corporate level by installing water fountains in our offices and warehouses, and by giving all employees, family members, partners, and customers one of the famous Vertilux bottles.

In 2020 we learned that work could be just as efficient without the need to print as much. We went from consuming hundreds of thousands of reams of paper to automating and digitizing all internal and many external processes and services, to the point that today we only consume ¼ of the paper and ink that we used to in 2019.

Supporting the community where we operate and live has also been a priority for Vertilux. This is why last year we started our city’s beach and park cleanup program.

In April 2021 we joined forces with Send it 4 the Sea, a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental education, beach cleanups, and mangrove restoration, to clean up one of Miami’s beaches. On that occasion, we managed to collect close to 500 lbs of garbage in just a few hours. And right now we are coordinating the second edition of this beautiful effort.

If you want to see everything that happened that day, we invite you to watch the video above.

At the same time, Vertilux is committed to solutions that contribute to creating healthy spaces, free of harmful chemical substances and additives, with a line of products and fabrics that are completely healthy and respectful of the environment.

When ordering or buying Vertilux shades, ask for the Healthy Choice products from the decorator or dealer. The majority of our fabric collections and even the VTX mechanisms have this mark, and you will be choosing a healthier option.

"Earth Day should not be limited to a single day of the year but should generate an environmental commitment in each of us, since we are the ones who are truly responsible to improve environmental conditions and leave a better planet for future generations."

Vertilux invites you to contribute to the care of Mother Earth on a daily basis.

Remember, the future of the planet is in our hands!

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